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Saudi Ground Services  hires iboardings to provide technological solutions for passenger processing

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With the signing of the contract between Saudi Ground Services and iboardings, Saudi Ground Services will use iboardings.com solutions to provide the service to its clients in 28 airports in addition to promoting our airport and airline solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The contract signed during the GHI Lisbon between Saudi Ground Services and iboardings.com is a huge step for iboardings.com as a travel tech company dedicated to designing solutions to make easier the life of those who handle passengers at airports and consolidate the iboardings.com strategy of being the trusted provider of technological solutions chosen by the most important ground handling companies in the world.

Saudi Ground Services chooses iboardings.com as its technology partner to reinvent the passenger experience in Saudi Arabia and we begin a stage of collaboration that we hope will be very fruitful for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Iboardings want to thank you Mr. Raed H. Al-ldrissi , CEO of SGS, and Hamad Abdulaziz Alhemede, VP of Commercial, and the team behind them,  Bander A. Ghander, Bandar Alsafari, etc for the support.

Saudi Ground Services is the national provider of ground-handling services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and they are dedicated to providing efficient and safe services to their clients and passengers at the highest standards of performance and professionalism.

They operate throughout the network of 28 airports in Saudi Arabia, with four main stations being in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Medina.

They are dedicated to providing a wide range of ground-handling services throughout the entire network of airlines in Saudi Arabia. They take care of passengers’ needs from arrival to departure in order to leave a lasting impression, by putting them in the center of everything they do.

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