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Solutions for Airlines

iboardings offers cutting-edge technology solutions that help airlines to succeed.

From check-in to boarding, our SIMPLY+ suite of technology solutions encompasses every stage of the passenger process giving you the agility and adaptability to respond to changing situations.

Carry-on baggage weight and size control


Introduce innovation for an outdated process that still aggravates the passenger experience and their relation to the airline. Is an electronic sizer that analyzes the carry-on baggage weight and size, improving the passenger experience and generating revenues. No more discussions about the size and weight of the carry-on baggage.

Cabin Baggage Checker
Simply Tagging Point

Improve tagging process


Designed to help passengers print the bag tags to send luggage to the hold. Designed following the customer's requirements (fully customizable product).

Speeding up the check-in process

Easy Drop

Designed to speed up the passenger check-in process by weighing baggage and printing the bag tag to leave it on the belt. Designed following the customer's requirements (fully customizable product).


Cost-effective bag drop


Is a state-of-the-art self-service bag drop system. It allows passengers to check-in their luggage quickly and efficiently. Our solution is a kiosk with a built-in scale with a tag reader and printer providing a simple and cost-effective solution.

All-in-one self check-in kiosk


Today there are different kiosks for doing just a part of the process. Our solution is an all-in-one self-service check-in kiosk to develop the whole check-in process, analyzing the weight and size of any kind of baggage. It takes different photos in order to be used for claims for damage reasons, etc.

Simply past check-in kiosk
Simply e-Belt

Mobile passenger check-in tool


A fully digital tool that allows airlines to elevate their performance when check-in handbags are taken to the holds directly at the gates and during the boarding process. The “e-belt” is a tool for improving the management of carry-on luggage at the boarding gate. It consists of different components/peripherals anchored to a belt.

Social distance


Is a fully digital and portable solution for managing the document control process without social interaction. It consists of different components/peripherals. These components allow the scanning of the ID or passport without agent interaction.

Simply Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Management


Control and optimize your warehouse processes, multiplying your efficiency and profitability. Easy Warehouse is a solution developed due to close contact with our customers and their interest in the application of computer vision to solve their luggage storage problems. components/peripherals anchored to a belt.

Managing lost items


Just 17.42% of the total objects lost by passengers were delivered to the owners. There is not a standardized and due to this generates dissatisfaction between passengers. Our solution will help airports and airlines to speed up the process.

Simply Lost and Found

Portfolio of biometric kiosks and solutions


Within the air transport industry, airports and airlines are alive to the opportunity biometric ID management offers to improve passenger experience, security, and operations, and many are already preparing the groundwork. For that reason, all of our kiosks can be equipped with biometrics features to be inserted into the passenger flow and we have a whole portfolio of solutions for access control. components/peripherals anchored to a belt.

If you do not find the solution you are looking for, tell us your problem and we will build a solution for you.

Other Services


Pay for the extras on the spot

The growth of ancillary services represents an important contribution to airline revenues. iboardings multi airlines payment platform works across self-service and agent-assisted touchpoints at the airport.


Maintenance Services

Solving issues before they become problems

You can only work proactively, instead of just reacting, if you always know the status of your applications, devices, and connections. You can easily find out about your figures, upcoming maintenance requirements, failures, downtime, or peak loads, on our intuitive dashboard-based control center.


The elements that define what we are as a company, innovation, rapid reaction to the challenges that are proposed to us, etc, allow us to collaborate with our clients to find solutions to their problems.