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Cabin Baggage Checker™

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Are you ready to innovate your relationship with your passengers?

The carry-on baggage weight and size control process is probably one of the most disturbing steps for passengers at airports and account for 80 % of passengers’ claims and most flight delays and generates hassle outside and even inside the cabin.

Our solution is an electronic gauge that analyzes carry-on baggage weight and volume in relation to the carrier’s carry-on baggage policy.

The solution invented by iboardings, the Cabin Baggage Checker™ introduces: 

  • Innovation for an outdated process that still aggravates the passenger experience and their relation to the airline
  • Increase the ability to generate ancillary revenues as the airline is able to enforce and control, carry-on baggage without hindering the passenger experience.
  • Improves the complete passenger experience. No more discussions with the ground handling staff about the size and weight of the carry-on baggage. There can be no doubt about compliance.
  • Seamless passenger flow, reducing hand baggage issues at boarding gates with the proven consequence of increased OTP and improving operations.
  • Dedicated or multi-airline use. Replacing all existing and cumbersome baggage sizers

Email us at hello@iboardings.com if you want more information about our Cabin Baggage Checker and start to transform the way you do things today.

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