Improving the customer experience and leading through Innovation


We design hardware and software solutions for solving airports and airlines pain points.

We focus on analyzing airports and airlines pain points in order to provide hardware and software solutions. Our first two products have been chosen by the IATA, the leading organization in the Aviation sector, as one of the three most innovative products in the world.

We are a company that react fast to emerging opportunities and has the innovation as the “raison d´ètre”. We innovate and collaborate with customers to solve problems.

  • OUR VISION: To be the leading hardware solutions provider for airports and airlines.
  • VALUES: Customers first, working together and service excellence.
  • PURPOSE/BRAND PROMISES: Change the way in which the passenger perceive the airports.
  • BUSINESS STRATEGY: Sustainable profitable growth, innovation, new revenues streams, operational excellence
Creative Design

Designing products & services that works in the real world and can be delivered across the airports requires understanding a company’s total ecosystem. Our team is expert in all aspects of service design and delivery, customer interaction and service operations.


We map the customer’s journey to understand their experience and design ways to improve it. We establish the ideal customer experience and design specific interactions that will bring that experience to life.

Problem Solving Oriented

We work with clients to identify unsolved problems and solving them. We provide a high added value to our projects by thinking out of the box, which is fundamental in the 21st century. New complex problems require new approaches, and that is what we provide.