How our Technology helps Airlines

Passenger Hospitality

Our technology makes the boarding process more user friendly and comfortable because the passenger doesn’t have to fight with the company/handling agents.


Our technology allows verifying all the passengers’ hand baggage without discrimination. It is a device which does the baggage check and not the ground handling manager with the metallic sizer.


Our technology simplifies the boarding process because it integrates steps that now are done by the ground handling worker (boarding card scanning, tag printing).

Time Saving

Time saving because it eliminates the hassle both outside and inside the cabin.


It makes boarding process more efficient.


It helps collecting weight and size penalties, it generates revenues.

No hassle inside the cabin in relation with the hand luggage. It is a certified device which decides to send the luggage to the airplane hold. With our device you can know when the cabin space is full of hand baggage without having to wait for all the passengers to board the airplane and the aircraft crew warns the handling that the cabin is full.

It does not depend on the passenger´s STRENGTH if the hand baggage is compliant or not-compliant, since they don’t have to push the bag to fit in the metallic gauge anymore.