Customer Satisfaction

Our technology is a tool to manage the clasification of hand baggage during the boarding process bearing in mind the customer satisfaction.

Process Objectivity with no delays

Our technology can make the verification of the hand luggage very quickly without disturbing the normal boarding process independently the tournaround of the airlines. This permit to check all the hand baggage and introduce objetivity without delay.

Help to Manage the Boarding Process

Introducing efficiency and objectivity in the boarding process because our technology decides if the hand luggage meets or does not meet the conditions imposed by the company. The passenger does not have to discuss with the staff of the airline.

An instrument to apply the airlines policy

IBS’s ability to verify the exact weight and size of any piece of hand luggage generates new revenue streams, since airlines may charge excess weight and/or size fees using a technically certified device. For those baggage not complying with volume and weight policies established by the company, it generates labels for hand luggage to sent to the hold.

Benefits with no investment cost

IBS provides a service based on a device that has been developed and designed so it brings the airline numerous advantages and features without having to make any investment in its implementation.

Hand Luggage Control

The luggage is photographed and linked to a unique boarding card, ensuring unmistakeable return to the owner in case of loss and increasing security

No waste of time looking for space inside the cabin

Saving time since it eliminates the time wasted in the cabin when we must find space for hand luggage that does not fit and then have to tag and sent down to the hold.

Agility in the Boarding Process

Simplicity and ease of use of our device allows verification of one piece of luggage in a 10 second process.

Airline Integration

Our device has the capacity of integrating and sharing real time information with the Airline Departure Control Systems.

Business and Marketing Information

The monitoring and verification of hand luggage generates abundant and comprehensive information and statistics on passenger travel habits in regards to luggage, which becomes a powerful tool for commercial and marketing pur- poses.

Payload Organization

Control of the weight and size of hand luggage means the airline knows in real time the precise moment in which cabin space and weight have been used up. From this moment on, badges are issued in a color different to the one for allowed pieces, and items will be sent to the aircraft hold from the very gate. This eliminates the fumbling around of hand luggage pieces looking for a space that is no longer available.

Cost Reduction

The improvement in the organization of the payload allows for a time reduction in the accommodation of passengers and their luggage. This results in reduced waiting times before take-off and a need for shorter time slots at the airport. The ability to accurately determine the carried payload en- ables a more reliable calculation of the fuel needed for the trip, thus saving costs in excess fuel.